I am a consultant, strategist, and Web 3 enthusiast looking to work with companies that want to leverage the power of curiosity to minimize microaggressions, maximize innovation, and build equitable and inclusive spaces. I specialize in turning businesses into brands and ideas into startups. I am passionate about the Web3 space, particularly how we can create psychologically safe spaces that prioritize not just diversity but equity, inclusion and belonging. I am building The Black Woman NFT Project to give Black women a space to visually tell our stories and experiences I'm a strategist, community builder, and social impact leader. I make sure marginalized people feel heard, seen, and understood—and that they have the tools they need to move their dreams, goals, and communities forward in a positive way. I also have workforce and career development experience creating workforce re-entry programs for underrepresented communities through coalition building, employment readiness, networking opportunities, and community outreach. I was the lead for The Charter for Compassion's Compassionate NYC and through my project, #CompassionConvos facilitated cross-sectoral dialogue to examine implicit biases and their impact on our perception of criminality, economic disparities, educational underachievement, health disparities, and other factors that bring about social stratification and separation. In my personal life, I love making other people laugh, finding ways to make people feel empowered, and brainstorming business ideas. I'm also passionate about connecting people with the resources they need to build new skills or solve problems.




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