Founder @ MDW LTD Publishing Check out my latest work with the legendary author, A Global Book Award Finalist! Q. J. Zephyr and his book, "The Nine Orders: The Collection." https://the9orders.com Available worldwide now. Innovator, replacing scarcity with abundance and evolving from desperation to inspiration. Designer, Multi-Instrumentalist, & Producer. Founder at Renaissance Mastering Creator of Flawless Solace Music Find My MUSIC here: https://bnd.link/mdallasw Author of "Death of the Phoenix: Rise" Buy at this link: https://app.thebookpatch.com/BookStore/death-of-the-phoenix-rise/53f1d184-7836-4989-b0cd-3c648d3ca029?isbn=9781364072445 "Accessibility is the catalyst for innovation" BUSINESS CONSULTATION SERVICES https://mdwdesignltd.n8.nz


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