Check out my Portfolio at https://www.matthewellisid.com As an instructional designer with over seven years of experience in the education sector, I am passionate about creating engaging and effective learning experiences that meet the diverse needs of learners. I have a master"s degree in curriculum and instruction, and I have developed and implemented curriculum that incorporates various learning styles, technology tools, and critical thinking skills. I have also designed and delivered e-learning modules that use gamification, interactivity, and multimedia elements to enhance learner engagement and retention. My background in education has also equipped me to identify learning gaps and create targeted learning objectives and assessments. I have used the ADDIE and SAM models to design learning experiences from ideation to implementation, collaborating with subject matter experts, conducting needs analysis, creating action maps, writing storyboards, developing wireframes and mockups, and conducting quality assurance testing. I have strong communication and collaboration skills, which enable me to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams and to create clear and concise instructional content that conveys complex concepts. I am also committed to staying abreast of emerging educational technologies and best practices in instructional design. If you are interested in working with me, or learning more about what I can do, please don"t hesitate to send me a message and/or connect. I"m happy to respond!




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