Sex, Love, and Intimacy Coach Michelle Alva has a background in physical therapy, hypnosis, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Time Dynamics®, tantra, integrative yoga therapy, sound healing, Theta Healing, PSCYH-K®, mindfulness-based meditation, belly dance, tantra, and shamanism.  She created The ALVA Method (Amplify Love Vibrate Abundance), a mindset-energy approach , which is a process of self-discovery that integrates both modern science and ancient wisdom practices to educate and empower individuals on how to reset and calm their nervous system, heal from emotional pain in the body, and elevate one’s energy to experience major healing with minor effort. This approach is also a global movement to raise the collective amount of love energy on the planet! Michelle created online programs and a movement Yoni Power and Orgasmic Abundance, and Deeper Connection for Couples, to heal the world of sexual shame and guilt and empower individuals to be their own source of healing and transformation. Michelle offers one on one in person and zoom sessions for men, women, and couples. She also offers live group events and retreats all around the world. Subscribe to her You Tube Channel MichelleAlvaTv and follow her on Instagram @michellealvalove




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