Digital Asset Investor. Learning Addict. Visionary. Hungry Entrepreneur. Utility Maximalist. $DAG $LTX $QNT $ADS $BIOFI $HBAR $XRP Here’s a brief overview of myself: I’m 19 years old and attend the University of Central Arkansas. I got into crypto last year and have been obsessed ever since. I have well over 2000 hours of research in this space, understand many different blockchain ecosystems, have some different blockchain use case ideas, starting a blockchain club at my university, and am attempting to go full time crypto by providing education & consulting on blockchain technology & the digital asset space to my local community. I have a big passion for lifestyle design & have created my own template for myself that hits on the 6 areas of lifestyle health. I"m also passionate about helping people find freedom through reading, exercising, studying, traveling, & helping others, and I"m of the belief that Web3 will be at the root of all of these great things. I also have to mention that I’m a big advocate for Constellation Network. They are a Layer 0 technology that tokenizes bandwidth for any & all data types. Through state channels, they allow for any network, blockchain, dApp, or business to use their Hyper-Graph Transfer Protocol. I believe this network & their ecosystem could help Entre ($DESO) quite a bit with their L0 technology & it’s vast array of ecosystem partnerships. I’m here to talk big ideas & big ideas only. Let’s change the world! 💪


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