❤️ #wemadeit! Happy 2022 I hope you are well. I'm looking forward to connecting with you and supporting each other while on this journey. If you want to meet people in my community, I make 1x1 introductions through Intros: https://www.intros.club/join/chibur 🤍 I’m an artist passionate about art, our community, technology, and sustainability. My company builds brands and products. www.chibur.info 💙 Schedule a call with me: calendly.com/mdorsettnow email: miriam@joinentre.com Hiring globally? I use Deel to pay my global team, and recommend you try it - https://letsdeel.com/referrals/Miriam-ORoWqyrR Need support on something related to Entre? Message @entre support Have feedback? Submit here: www.entre.link/feedback




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