Makala Thomas is a freelance writer from the UK and an independent author of several titles. With an impressive following and several novels under her belt, Makala Thomas also has three blogs promoting her work and can be found on most social media platforms under the username "MissKelz90". Makala has been writing since the age of four. In 2005 she created a fantasy/romance/crime series titled The Link, and completed it in 2008. Now, she is sharing the series with the world. Makala has written separate titles which has received great feedback. Recently, she has released Book One to Three of an adult series called KENCO for readers 18+, and is working on Book Four of the series among other titles. KENCO is full of crime, death, romance and erotica, and has also received great responses from adult readers. Makala recently released a fantasy/romance novel called A DANGEROUS GAME, also for readers 18+, and is working on three other novels. The majority of Makala"s books are for older readers :) Makala also writes poems and short stories in her spare time and when the mood strikes, most of which will be shared on this platform and her blogs. She also draws unique pictures using the app Procreate, and writes and records music :) "Since a small age I have always had "itchy fingers" and have always needed to write to express myself. Regrettably most of my work from a younger age was deleted or thrown away because of my embarrassment and self consciousness. Now, today, I am more confident. I am glad to share my work with you and hope you will enjoy it. Writers are born, not made." Makala. V. P. Thomas


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