I started coding when I was 12 years old. After writing my first calculator app I realized there was a world of opportunities in the programming world. I"m very ambitious and determined. I love mixing my coding skills with my entrepreneurial passions. Through this combination I"ve been able to create multiple fully fledged projects in addition to a startup that was reputable for its low fees and great customer support. I love learning new things and applying them to real world problems. For many of the projects I worked on there were times when I had no idea about the technical knowledge required to accomplish the task. But my desire and passion to complete these projects combined with my quick learning abilities I was able to not only complete these projects but learn a great deal in the technical frameworks that powered these projects.




App DevelopmentArtificial IntelligenceCrypto/BlockchainEcommerceNetworkingTechnologySoftwareInvesting

Looking For

Build a team or hire talentMeet new peopleFind investors and get funding