Transitioning to a different field has brought about new challenges and opportunities for me. Here are a few points I"ve considered based on my career journey: Transferable Skills: My background as a mechanical engineer has equipped me with valuable skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and attention to detail. I"ve found these skills to be highly relevant in the tech industry, especially in roles related to software development, project management, and quality assurance. Learning and Adaptation: Moving into technology required me to acquire new skills and adapt to a rapidly changing industry. My ability to learn and stay updated with the latest technologies has proven to be a valuable trait in the tech world, where innovation is constant. Networking: Over the course of 16 years in my previous career, I built a strong professional network in the Houston area. I"ve found that these connections have been beneficial as I continue my career in technology. Leveraging my existing network and expanding it within the tech community has opened up new opportunities for me. Career Growth: With six years of experience in the tech industry, I"ve been contemplating my long-term career goals. I"m considering whether I want to specialize in a specific area of technology, pursue leadership roles, or explore entrepreneurial opportunities. Having a clear career path is helping me set goals and make strategic decisions. Continuous Learning: I"ve realized that technology is a field that demands ongoing learning and skill development. I"m actively considering further education and certifications to enhance my expertise and remain competitive in the industry. Industry Trends: Staying informed about emerging trends in technology, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and data analytics, has been crucial. Understanding these trends has helped me make informed decisions about my career and skill development. Balancing My Experience: I make sure to highlight both my mechanical engineering experience and my tech experience on my resume and in interviews. This dual background sets me apart as a candidate who brings a unique perspective and a strong problem-solving approach to tech-related roles. I want to emphasize that career transitions can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding. My diverse background has become a strength as I continue to grow in the technology field. I remain committed to setting goals, learning, and adapting to new opportunities as they arise.





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