Show me your network and I"ll show you your net worth. A saying heard time and time again but is there any truth to this? According to a study commissioned by HubSpot, 85% of positions filled are through networking and 95% of professionals state that communication in person is essential for long-term business. In early 2022 an aspiring asset management firm found itself at the foothills of what appeared to be a global economic collapse. With the need to raise capital and looming economic downturn, an innovative firm startup approach was deemed necessary. And so it was, we are mooncruise.io and we are here to help you NETWORK BETTER. Through a combination of technology and an IRL summit, the moon crew has planned to create an environment comparable to a combination of The World Economic Forum and the Met Gala. A traditional service-based business model, innovation and scalable tech solutions have positioned us on top of an infrastructure that can handle both scale and sustainability. Imagine a world where networking was maximally efficient and seemingly effortless. A world where blockchain technologies, machine learning and quantitative analysis maximized the potential for achieving your goals. Our world; where you are proud of your net worth and grateful for your network. Join us on this journey and help us innovate and optimize the most powerful aspect of modern business, the network. cheers to the future, ~ the moon crew ~


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