Michael Raymond is the President and Founder of Raymond Representation, a Sport and Talent Agency specializing in Business, Marketing, and Lifestyle management. Raymond has a passion for representing professional basketball players using his vast network and experience. He currently represents professional basketball players, golfers, influencers, student-athletes for NIL, and E-sports teams. Now a certified NBPA and FIBA agent, Raymond has focused on growing his basketball representation side of the agency. At the early age of 24, Raymond has signed over ten professional basketball players and has a full talent roster of twenty+. His success is defined by his real, genuine, and authentic relationships with his clients. He is on a constant mission to be successful, and his passion for helping others keeps him inspired. Raymond is a JD graduate from the University of Miami School of Law, where he has focused on studying Sports and Entertainment. Michael also worked with Business Manager Orin Mayers who is a mentor and colleague of his. He actively helped Orin with opportunities involving the Ray of Hope foundation sponsored by the NBA Hall of Famer Ray Allen. Together, they opened computer lab facilities for underprivileged kids at Boys and Girls clubs across Miami and Orlando. Raymond has demonstrated his expertise at an early age and has already negotiated multiple player contracts, various marketing and endorsement deals, business development deals, and helped organize player camps and charity events. Raymond credits his amazing mentors and early experiences in the athlete representation business for his early success. Raymond's business acumen and entrepreneurial passion extend beyond basketball representation. Raymond has utilized the power of social media and brand building to connect with hundreds of brands and negotiate deals with companies like Ticketmaster, Sony, Gatorade, and Wilson, to name a few. He has also consummated several community deals with local restaurants, clothing stores, and charity foundations for his clients. Raymond Representation will continue its focus on inspiring others and doing what is best for all its clients. Our goal is to keep expanding into new sports, adding amazing leaders to our team, and signing exceptional talent.





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