Matthias De Bièvre is on a mission to bring knowledge and harmony in the use of personal data. Visions is working with organizations across the world to build a new open network to share personal data at the service of each person’s objectives, personal evolution and well-being. We believe in empowering people in their learning path. Visions works with major organisations (public and private) to make this happen. We are dedicated in building an open, ethical and decentralized education & skills data network and unite public organisations, universities, training organisations, employers and edtechs to make it happen. Visions developed a tool to allow people to manage their permissions on their data and share it freely with trust. Visions is the co-founder of the international group working on aNewGovernance supported by the European Commission, join us to set international standards on personal data exchange and privacy : anewgovernance.org Together we can help humanity find the right path that balances the right to privacy and the power of data, used in a safe way.




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