To Introuce My self I am Naveen Kumar Karanam from India,  to keep crispy n short Lets start with my Education background 1.I have completed my Creativity and Business innovation triple degree program in Europe with three different countries 2016 to 2019 1. Lithuania 2. Estonia 3. Portugal as apart of Erasmus I have been three different coutriesfor my studies  and also I have B.Tech in India (Computer sciecnce) this is about my eductional back ground 2006 to 2010 coming to my Professinal work experience 1.Started Carrier as Customer Support for First Souce for telecommunication company where we use handle 120calls per day on average call is 5 to 6 min, I worked for almost 14months,  2. Moved to CMO AXIS, its indian First MPO (Marketing  processing  outsourcing), I worked as Pre Sales Executives, cold calls for Business Develpment officers who working on the feild, if possible we close the deal over the phone, thoughly enjyed the job, got new exposure to sales and marketing industry 3. where we started own small consultancy Firm, where we use to handle mine projects like HR activities for some comapny, I mean to say Man power supply for insunce companies and Call centers, other partner deals with DATABASE managemnet, he use supply with database providers for company's, job seekers and for marketing n business develpment purposers andI took time for my self to explore the world opportunties, to expand my knowldege in terms of business adminstration, marketing n creative feild  so been to europe for my studies, as I said in the beginning - Triple degree program Mean while when I am studing worked for three companies as apart time in Estonia woked for Imarketslive - its basically selling software application for crypto and trading for currency , ts was just three months a part of my intershipI worked for this company in Lithuania I worked for resturant where I worked as Chef helper for Asian resturant for five months in the weekends and also I woked for Western union for 6 months parallely in noon times after my studies As Subpeona tarinee, where I used work with Legal teams finding crimal databases( in interview I will explain much better) and also worked for WISDOM EVENTS for almost 9 months in Lithuana as lead generation ( I used handle Lusha and other platforms to grab the business people data) and also I used to run the email campagin for LNG sectors to get the leads and linkedin marketing activties, example posting in mutiple linkedin accounts with events and make them to register and BDO will take care or Sales officers will explain the things about the LNG events which is happening next few occasions 2016 to 2019 till june These are all I wirked for part time) after completions of my studies, in 2019 n July I started working for WU as agent database adminstrator  Check customers’ (Agents) documents (Enrollment application, contract, supporting documents and passports) based on documented rules Enter, update and maintain customers’ data into multiple company databases examples Salesforce, as400 , WUMAS , Activate customers’ accounts in AS400 and Salesforce to operate in money tranasctions Provide back office support to Sales people on the field, advise on necessary documents corrections Provide back office support to other WU departments as well as deliver high quality and productivity results that meet or exceed functional targets while ensuring an excellent customer experience and I returned to India on December 2019 due to loss of My father, to take of my family, company did not allow to work from home  duee to regulations, I resigned from WU,  started to looking for freelancer , got  some of projects for customer support related to covid (geopoll, agape, one singpore based company) Now I m planning to start my full time activties , I find that serbia is good option for me to explore this time and also our both countires relations very warmth and kind,  and also when I was looking in linkedin caught the best offer, Immediately I applied,this all about my education and profressioanl back ground


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