Ever since I got into marketing and consumer behaviour I"ve had this itch about data. How can data be used to deliver long term, sustainable, profit improvement for companies? This is what we do today. Guided by some of the most successful best business intelligence people from Romania, we are able to help companies sustainably improve their profit over a long period. We have everything you need to sustainably improve your companies profit over a long period. While we are still in our early days we are focused on Microsofts Navision / Dynamics 365 ERP. This is because it is so popular in Romania. We have extensive experience in business intelligence using Navision as the main source of data. So, if you are a Navision / Dynamics 365 installed account and you want to use that data to increase your profit in the future? Just ask me how we do that! I would be pleased to share our experiences with you.


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