As a Senior Platform Product Manager at AvidXchange, I apply my 18+ years of experience leading development teams to create and deliver innovative solutions in fintech. I have led cross-functional teams in the B2B accounts payable and payments automation space to design, develop, and implement revenue generating features. I have successfully transitioned from supporting and sustaining an existing money movement platform to building out a new core payments engine for next gen payments delivery. I am capable of connecting the core necessities within a platform that automates financial flows to the working requirements of operations, treasury, service and care teams. Moreover, I can connect customer information to internal processes in order to execute on data driven approaches to feature building. My greatest strength is technical execution of platform features, in conjunction with development teams and stakeholders, to support go-to-market strategies. My greatest achievements include: ֍ Integrating an existing payments platform with Stripe and other processors for virtual credit card straight through processing. ֍ Offering low cost ACH solution for alternative payments. ֍ Optimizing speed and reducing incidents by 80% on a virtual credit card platform. ֍ Integrating metrics reporting, KPI delivery and risk analytics across an entire global technology organization for a single source of truth within MicroStrategy, embedded with Tableau reporting. My experience spans accounts payable automation, B2B payments, risk analytics, workforce planning, operations process improvement and financial analytics. I am passionate about finding unique ways to add value to the organization and the industry through strategic oversight, in-depth analysis, and market research. Given the opportunity, I would like to apply my experience in a machine learning, open banking, or embedded finance product management position. I have a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Science in Mathematical Finance, as well as certifications in Six Sigma, Agile, and Scrum. I also enjoy teaching Economics at the university level. I believe in continuous learning. In my free time, I am exploring machine learning and AI applications in FinTech.


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