I am a dedicated seasoned Full-Stack Software Developer passionate about creating secure and dynamic web applications. With more than 3+ years of experience at Bloom Institute of Technology and now contributing to working alongside startup owners, many non-profit organizations, freelancing gigs, and networking via attending Tech Meetups I have developed strong experience and expertise in building Responsive Websites, robust solutions using React, Node.js, Express, APIs, and Knex technologies. my notable achievements include developing a secure, user-friendly Full-Stack Asylum Report Generator app utilizing Auth0 for authentication, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration. He can also demonstrate proficiency in building RESTful APIs, performing CRUD operations, and implementing efficient database schemas. With experience in security and access control management, I am adept at working effectively in fast-paced environments while maintaining a strong focus on safety and compliance. my diverse skill set and dedication to delivering high-quality solutions make me a useful asset to any software development team. I am excited to leverage two years and counting of hands-on experience and a proven track record of collaborating with teams to contribute to the development of innovative, impactful applications in the tech industry.




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