Quick 411 on what I"ve been up to: - Watch this to hear where my attention is now: www.casanovaventures.com/choose - Building www.theconspiracy.co, a referral engine and network of Superconnectors leveraging their relationships for good. - All my info: www.casanovaventures.com/more-411 - Acting as a Consigliere and scaling the legacies of next paradigm visionaries. https://casanovaventures.com/connection-catalyst-consigliere - Recent interview about my focus on The Connector Economy and scaling legacies to Shift The Game and Power The People. https://missionmatters.com/how-nicole-casanova-is-leveraging-the-connector-economy-to-shift-the-game-and-power-the-people/ LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/[email protected]


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