Hi, everyone! My name is Nicholas Butterfield and I am the owner of ParadiseStrongToken. My project will be used to help families and first responders affected by natural disasters across the country! I know that there are a lot of Charity Projects out there but what will set our project apart from the rest is when we have enough funds in the charity wallet to do a donation, I will personally be doing the donation to the person or business in person with my team on all of our social media"s live! I have also made my real information public to millions of people on twitter with my real name in my bio and our Facebook Group and page which people can easily find me on. I wouldn"t do that if I was going to rip people off. ParadiseStrongToken was created because a fire called the "CampFire" destroyed my hometown of Paradise California on Nov. 8th 2018! Sine then we have all seen natural disasters all over the world, from fires, Texas freezing, tornados and earthquakes and we"re going to be the project that helps the people that lose everything!! So not only will you be making a profit by investing but you will also be helping the world!! Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/_ParadiseStrong Our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/paradisestrongtoken Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ParadiseStrongToken Big things coming! Including our website, and roadmap, stay close!!




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