--- WE ,..are Earth. Our Garden does not seem well. Eden cries out that it is not hidden, Nor lost. Eden wants to be seen, Under Our feet, Felt in Our blackening lungs, In the unnatural grit in Our teeth when we drink, And in other deep places, Of which, We do not speak. Whether YOU see, Or sense is IRRELEVANT. Once OUR Collective Self first knew its own mortality, Our absolute lack of ability to save, Or ever after answer why, Would Our Creator make, Such beauty, only to annihilate, Our Earth, Our Garden, Our Blue sky? In fathomless sadness, We refused the Knowledge of Ourselves, within ANY Garden, Choosing to live within the waterfall of every single tear, from every eye falling, In each, And all, And any coming year! We must release Our Fear! The requirement of Life, is its Death. Yet that does not mean we should part early, If We stop what The Fear, shall never mend, And in Love Born in One again, Will All grow strong, As Love Borne by All, Once again, Yes, again! Let Us continue with the only Eden we will ever have, And have ever known, From the start of the Big Round Bang, Till the flat Ultra-Vanta Black, Freezes even the thought of Heat, All Memory of, Water, Or Ground. This is The Moment, We must choose, to W-A-K-E U-P! Else, Lie Forever, Having not chosen, In Our self-made prisons, Frozen, Floating, In eternal terror found! --- Here, in the East Bay of San Francisco Bay Area, is The E.S.C. Hatch, right in San Leandro, CA, where you can Shelter in Play in order to learn how to Live Smart, Rather Than Hard. A part of the Building Autonomous Collaborative Organizational Networks (B.A.C.O.N.) Initiative. The E.S.C. Hatch is a safe space, free of the self-delusions and collective illusions that abound. Our political stance informs us that: We are humans who all share the same subjective destination, the Final Exit. The process of death is where the absolute uncertainty of anything outside of our collective journey is the one thing we can be certain of, guaranteed! It defines the intellectual reality of humanity. The Esprit Service Corps is a collective of self-validating folks who have a common cause to do the right thing because it is the logical right thing to do. Inspired by my time in the U.S. Marine Corps, the name is drawn from the concept of Esprit d"Corps, which translates as which was the weaponized spirit of service to one another, into one of the most successful, most significant elite military forces in known history. Folks thank me for my service, which I find odd. One, I was contractually obligated to render my services. The alternatives were the brig or death. I agreed to service so I could have a means to pay for my education, perform what I considered my duty, thereby "killing two birds with one stone", yet I would ask folks to wait to thank me for my service until after I am gone. I am not done with my service! I would witness a time when the same Esprit that was bent into service for the Marine Corps, may be enjoined again. It sparks my own acceptance of self so that I may truly Love and be informed of how to love others genuinely. I choose to Shelter in Play as my path to living smart rather than hard. I bet that how we interact with others, while learning to accept ourselves right now is the most genuinely complete frontier we can, all of us, explore to our heart"s content! I have five main projects that seek to excite, encourage, educate, and analyze our modern social spaces. A "regio-nice" Generation Station that will serve both as a remote and in-person portable workshop skills sharing platform. Those "knowledge-full folks" across the vast Social Spaces of the planet can hold weekend and day workshops to share with those that have a passion for learning. Whether it is mechanics, art, animation, carpentry, flint knapping, storytelling, or cat herding, it is a platform where any will be the Hero of Their Own Life"s Journey. It is within small kindnesses, weekly engagements, and keeping faith in myself, that I plan to find a place where others gathered around, marveling with one another on how those "trivial things" added up over our time to equal the perfect me, you, and US! The Struggle Between is a short story anthology and animated series or movie. The Holistic Uniform Gratitude System with an A.G.A.P.E. (Anthropomorphic Gauge and Potential Evaluator)- a means by which those human engagements or transactions that awe want to see more of may be rewarded with value using the blockchain and N.F.T."s. Let"s not sacrifice our collective future on the grave of our collective past in the present. Instead, let"s allow each other the opportunities to experience and know that what happens to one of us affects all of us.




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