Designer, Videographer, Musician, and hardware nerd. Living in Lebanon for the past 20 years. My startup aims to make battery solutions integrated into the home. I"ve been doing this on my own and am here to try and find funding, users, and a team. If I were asked to describe my business, I’d say it was first and foremost a magic Muji. It’s Tesla powerwall cut into several pieces so you can build your own capacity. It’s a bit of Gogoro mixed with some Solshare. The products I have built are small home objects that are designed to live permanently in the user’s home, with users purchasing them based on style and aesthetic first, not features. This harasses our problem from the flanks with arrows, as opposed to head on with a sledgehammer (credit to Paul Graham for this gorgeous analogy), as they don"t remind you that you"re living in a substandard situation by working, which isn"t the case with traditional solutions. Users can also purchase apparel (as perks for pledges to fund my business) made by hand in small communities regionally made of sustainable materials. Please get in touch for the full story, I"d love to share my plans, my images and my adventure so far (unless I find a place here to post it, I"m new to Entre). Would love to hear and learn from you all. Thanks for having me, and thank you for helping me try to light Beirut.


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