Ruth Nyambura Munge, is a household name for international roaming and wholesale services in the telecom sector. I started my career as a secretary and accountant, having trained in secretarial and office practice back in 1990-91. I later trained in sales and marketing, and gradually trained for Public relations in 2000 at the university of Nairobi. I have worked and rose ranks as sales and marketing assistant, to Marketing and distribution manager, eventually to telecoms personnel since 1999 when i joined and worked for African Telecommunications Union (An agency for African Union). I joined KenCell Communication and officially begun my career in the Telecom sector in August 2000, as a Rioaming Engineer. During this time i enrolled with Telecoms Academy and trained vigorously and achieved Certificate, Diploma in Mobile communication, Telecoms Mini MBA, and an advanced diploma in Effective Telecoms Strategies. Parallel, I studied and graduate with a Bachelors degree (2012) and a Master degree (2015). I registered a sole proprietorship in 2010 by which time i was on my second year freelancing in Africa, Asia and Middle East. in 2016, I opted to join the humanitarian work of the United Nations for two years and resigned in June 2018 to support my children with their university education, graduate and transition to their careers and work lives which was awesome. I am now looking for a come back to do what I do best in the field. Customer experience.





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