Hi! 👋 I’m Ryan— DeSopreneur, onchain content creator and social media marketing strategist. Since 2012 I’ve been investing in crypto and helping startups build successful marketing strategies that grow their social presence and increase revenue. In March 2024 I quit a high-paying startup marketing job to become a solopreneur and launch Onchain Creators. Join the early pioneers on decentralized social networks and learn the secrets to future-proof your business with onchain income streams. I also have many interests and passions that extend beyond DeSo. I live at the intersection of art and technology with interests in AI, neuroscience, psychedelic therapies, longevity science, plant-based cuisine, exotic beaches, EDM, transformational festivals and science fiction movies. If you have similar vibes, let’s connect. 🤙 If you’re business needs help with marketing, let’s chat. 💬 Currently, I"m open to consulting work in the following areas: - Content Marketing - Social Media Marketing - KOL Engagement - Marketing Strategy - Marketing Analytics - Marketing AI & Automation My Services 👇 https://bit.ly/ryancharleston-services My Calendar👇 https://calendly.com/ryancharleston Follow me Online 🛜 - Newsletter : http://onchaincreators.com - X | http://x.com/ryancharleston - LinkedIn | http://linkedin.com/in/ryancharleston - YouTube | http://youtube.com/@ryancharleston Follow me Onchain ⛓️ - DeSo | http://diamondapp.com/u/ryancharleston - Farcaster | http://warpcast.com/ryancharleston


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