The Etherland platform is a combination of interoperable technologies connecting the digital data of internet users with our physical world. We are hosting the real-estates’ content information on IPFS. As the storage is decentralized on IPFS, it ensures that the uploaded information will remain accessible at any time by anyone for an almost infinite period of time. As IPFS takes care of the information’s persistence and redundancy, the Etherland Blockchain acts as the stamp that ties the owner to his property’s information while providing a full history of the information’s updates and ownership changes. We will interact with this decentralised data system through the Etherland’s Blockchain in order to guarantee the tracking, traceability and history of information updates. The Estatepedia, built on top of Etherland’s World Metaverse, will solve these issues by connecting real estates all over the world while enabling people to create, own and maintain the information.


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