Sauce The Future Mogul... I"ve been an entrepreneur since I was 15 while in & out of the streets but music saved me in a way. The sauce ain"t nothing to play with! I"m Here To Make History & Change Lives! I started off doing marketing & been doing it for 10 years. Of course it was only right to finally LLC my marketing skills lol. It made sense. I created my own platform eventually in 2019 (almost 3 years ago) because it"s a long story lol. A digital media platform is something I always wanted & I love writing. I have so many stories to tell but have to help so many people tell theirs. I"ve been busy. This Or The Streets. I chose this. It"s all about seeing the double side of the coin. Sauce Networks Is My Digital Marketing & Management Agency. Consulting & PR - Social media marketing - Content Creation - Social Media Promotion - Growth hacking Artist Development - Music Marketing - Google Ad Campaigns & More As Innovation brings us new sauce! Increase Visibility + Outreach using my creative marketing strategies & my platforms , My past campaign results Of September 2022 ⚡️9,000,000+ views on YouTube ⚡️6,000,000+ streams on Spotify; 550+ playlist adds ⚡️4,000,000+ streams on Apple Music; 150+ playlist adds ⚡️2000+ media blog placements ⚡️20,000+ albums sold; $15,000+ in sales ⚡️9200+ Nielsen BDS spins on 6 radio stations results & growth COLLECTIVELY 1. I have 10+ years of doing marketing, social media marketing & development marketing & for over 100+ emerging artists, clothing lines & more! Assisted on music campaigns for some well known some now signed artists. 2. I have 7+ years of being a Editor / writer for music publications (e.g., According2Hiphop, True Magaznie, Bluntiq, OnTheSceneNY, HipHopIndieMusic, NewFireMusic.Net & 1stDayFresh, DailyDose, 247HH, BLUNTIQ, Hype Magazine, True Magazine & others) SauceFromVeliTV is a Multimedia platform for creatives! Its an uprising platform for Independent/buzzing artists, new brands + creatives to get their albums, videos, and singles, products & more to be viewed by 250,000+ fans directly (2,000,000+ indirectly) across our digital media platforms! Exclusive album reviews, interviews & more! Dedicated to being a pillar of support to the rising musicians + creators that all share a similar passion for music & the business. Introducing emerging artists to the right audience & helping them develop a listener base Currently 2 Writers & Over 10+ ambassadors An App in Google play store & bringing more as Over 5+ Playlists Across Streaming Platforms Over 5+ communities through social media!


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