My main gig is founder and lead full-stack developer at CSMediaPro. Code executing without error on the first try still gives me a rush to this day. Call me a geek. Go ahead. I already have a side hustle. That's photography. Waiting to develop a batch of raw images fills me with anticipation and excitement. Another rush! I'm here on Entre to build a side hustle for my side hustle. I used disciplines of both my day job and side hustle to build out a web-based AR / VR app. Then I went ahead and built out two more apps that would greatly benefit from and plug easily into web 3. I need to find funding and hire more talent to realize any potential from these apps. Do you want to see them? Hit me up and I'll give you a walk-through of all three. I'd love to hear from you and look forward to building a community here.




App DevelopmentAR/VRDAOsWeb3Venture Capital

Looking For

Find investors and get fundingBuild a team or hire talentBuild a community