After my Stroke, my team and I created a product that automatically organizes user medical information for emergencies so First Responders can provide faster more effective treatment. Two days after I got back from my honeymoon, I had a Stroke. The damage from the stroke caused a variety of health issues on top of the ones I already had. Hemiplegic Migraines, seizures, significant memory loss, and other health issues. As I was starting to recover, I had a Heart Attack. Because of all these issues, there was a time that I was in the ER every 2 or 3 weeks, with several of those turning into extended stays in the Hospital. I got to know many Paramedics and EMTs in Seattle firsthand, and I saw almost every ER in the region at some point. I was forced to sell my business since I could not keep up with the demands it placed on me. My seizures were the most frightening. On the way to the ER they would ask questions I couldn’t answer. After a seizure, while I was in the post-ictal phase, my memory was scrambled so answering questions about my Medical History was impossible. I tried several bracelets, apps, and wallet cards to try and hold my information, but nothing had enough room for all the issues I was dealing with and the medications I was taking. So I built AlertCard. The system organizes information, moving critical items to the top and highlighting them so First Responders and ER Staff can find what they need when they need it no matter where you are. During our alpha test, with 15 people, the system saved two lives, including mine during a trip where we were putting the final touches on the WalletCard. I was in Denver, 1300 miles from home when I had a 15-minute seizure. When I came out of it I was scared, alone, and didn’t know the address where I was. I called my Co Founder Derek Wood, he called 911 for me. On the way to the Hospital, I had 3 more seizures. During one of them, I stopped breathing for 2 minutes. AlertCard kept the Doctors from giving me medication which could have put my life in danger. The AlertCard system comes with an NFC-enabled bracelet that links to your online profile. You get two WalletCards that hold your entire medical profile on a waterproof, tear-proof, antimicrobial paper that folds down to the size of a credit card. The InfoSheet is a letter sized version, you get one for your home and one for your car. AlertCard is currently in beta and seeking Pre-Seed Funding. Contact me for information. Sean Bennick CEO & Cofounder AlertGem +1 (425) 442-5702 [email protected]




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