I’m an experienced counselor and emotional health coach with 16 years in the substance abuse field, dedicated to fostering positive change in individuals’ lives. As a Co-founder of Empowered, a Recovery Support Group, and Owner/CEO of Set Yourself Free Life Coaching, I am passionate about guiding individuals towards emotional liberation and personal growth. My journey is fueled by a genuine desire to help others achieve their full potential. When not immersed in my work, I’m a proud mother of 3 wonderful children. My love for reading, music, and empowering people continues to drive me forward. Let’s connect and collaborate to make a lasting impact together! What I do: I guide women who are overwhelmed with being emotionally STUCK get UNSTUCK so that they can get to the next level! That can be stuck in grief, resentment, low self-worth, fear of failure/success, stuck on your recovery journey etc.





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