Shakoure Char is the founder of Showcases|3D, a web platform that presents vacation rentals from around the world in immersive 3D, giving travellers a much more accurate, in-depth "picture" of a space that no amount of still photos can ever give. And with the option to live-chat with the property host, travellers can decide more confidently whether a space truly works for them. Just imagine if Airbnb had 3D Walk-Throughs for their entire listing... That"s what we"re building. As an interactive media designer and CEO at Transcendence Media, Shakoure has worked on 3D spatial capture & showcasing since 2015, engaging a number of unexplored applications of this emerging technology. That experience has culminated into his current platform with the long-term aim of being the go-to-space to immersively visit any of the world"s virtualized destinations.





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