Buildr & Collectr the World Wide Web for everyone, by everyone. Proud to be part of the Animoca Brands family. I truly believe in the vision. Creativity Innovation & Productivity should be rewarded with equity. That’s my firm belief. My Values: - Add value to my communities - Have a challenger mindset - Be a leader - Do the right thing I’m interested in unpicking centralization, websites, computers, ecommerce, technology, deFi, #OnFlow, organization’s, logic and sculpting the future. Ive built a career on hard work and solid ethics. I still believe in old school values like 👉🏽 lead by example, 🤝 treat others as you want to be treated and 🙏🏼 say please and thank you. I do a lot! and I get results. ✅ I help grow companies one click at a time! PS: Interested in joint ventures? Shoot me a msg and be intriguing instead of creepy





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