Are you looking for the perfect software engineer, developer and instractor to help your business grow? Look no further! Shibaji Debnath has over 1000 successful student placements in the software industry and he has consulted and built software development for 15+ companies. With a wealth of knowledge, Shibaji Debnath has the tools and expertise to help build the successful software development your business needs. His dedication and commitment to delivering quality code and robust systems in the industry is unmatched. Not only will Shibaji Debnath help you optimize systems, he will also provide you with the guidance to manage and maintain these systems in the long term. Wherever you are at with your business, Shibaji has the skills to help you grow. With an array of services such as customer relations management, CRM software, web development and mobile application development, Shibaji can provide the right technology to help your business run efficiently and effectively. Don’t miss out! Contact Shibaji Debnath today to get started on the perfect software engineering solution for your business. Unlock the potential of your business today with Shibaji’s top-notch service..


Backend EngineerMobile DeveloperSoftware Architect


StartupB2BConsultingSaaSProject Management

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