I"m the founder and product lead at Fundada Labs. I am on a mission to build an equitable world 🗺️ Over 10 years, I"ve supported companies and startups to build digital products in fast pace, result driven frameworks. In 2023, I"m super excited to offer product sprints to 12 lucky startups and to build award-winning digital products in 21 days. During the 21-day product sprints, I focus on solving your most pressing problems and achieving your key goals. No more waiting around for months or even a year; I am dedicated to getting you up to speed and delivering tangible results at an unprecedented pace. Imagine receiving clickable prototypes, tech solutions, and a comprehensive product roadmap and more within just three weeks. That"s what I offer at Fundada Labs! Our sprints are designed to provide you with actionable and measurable outcomes that will supercharge your business. With these tangible deliverables in hand, you"ll have the power to raise more funding, acquire new customers, improve retention rates, and grow your company to new heights of success. But it doesn"t stop there. I am driven by a greater purpose. I create digital products that not only benefit businesses but also better the lives of people, protect our planet, and enhance our communities. Expertise in E-commerce, Marketplace, Fintech and AI/ML technologies. Here for the free coffee and 🍩


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