Mentality hosted somewhere between big kid and big business. Optimist futurist set my sights in the sky and plan to reach my goals, if you"re wondering how just ask why. On paper now your screen... I design, creative, or just blatantly smash mathematics, music, reactivity, interactivity, animation, and 3-D, developments for system software applications and FTs smart contracts validators protocols real world applications and Solutions and a lot more affordably, ethically, honestly, with efficiency, & transparency. I’m always learning something, your knowledge is always appreciated especially if it how mine might need appreciated. Technology upgrades, &exposure engineer. Digital NFT Gallery Loft https://oncyber.Io/vr3 Linkedin.com/in/vr3


ArtistBusiness Development ManagerHuman Resources


Artificial IntelligenceCrypto/BlockchainApp DevelopmentMetaverseTechnology

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