Hi! I'm Stefano! Alive and kicking since 1981! I enjoy to live at 100% whatever happens. Sometimes feels supergood, sometimes a knife in the heart but in the end is all about XP! šŸ˜ I am always looking to learn something new. šŸ‘€ I'm into crypto from early 2017. I'm fascinated from what blockchain tech, web3 and VR/AR could bring into the human experience. My first working experience in crypto was as community manager of a 10k+ people community. I learned a lot from there! Now working for a web3 project as community manager and helping in the business development side as well, building the NUMBER 1 shopping mall of the metaverse with the MALLCONOMY team. Things I like: āœ… Have fun šŸ˜ āœ… Make friends šŸ–– āœ… Women šŸ˜ āœ… Style šŸ˜Ž āœ… Nature šŸŒ± āœ… Martial Arts šŸ‘Š āœ… Soul searching šŸ‘ļø āœ… Philosophy šŸ¤” āœ… Universe exploration āœØ I use to fill with Love whatever I place my eyes on. DM me whenever you like for whatever you need....if I can help you, I'll do! Check mallconomy.com Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefanobaldassari


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