šŸš€ On a mission to provide cross-generational learning in agetech. Also, have a little fun along the way. Let"s get to know each other: šŸ‘Øā€šŸŽ“ I"m a Gen Z first-time founder, a son, a brother, an undergrad student, and a caregiver to my grandma who has Alzheimer"s. šŸ‘µ I love building, collaborating, and contributing to the agetech space. Connect with me šŸ˜. āš’ Currently building Carevocacy to teach older adults about technology. We"re bridging the digital divide one live Zoom session at a time. šŸ”‰ Looking to start a Clubhouse room about agetech! **Fridays are the best days to meet** Serious bio: Stefano Selorio is the Founder & CEO of Carevocacy, a learning platform for older adults to learn technology so they can stay social, connected, and learn new skills. Carevocacy offers online one-on-one or group sessions that provide a custom curriculum, cross-generational learning, and a hands-on experience for older adults. He is also a caregiver to his grandma whose diagnosed with Alzheimer"s. Stefano is also an avid community builder, loves to volunteer, and mentor young business leaders.





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