I’m the Founder and CEO of Bright Stone Marketing, a subsidiary of Prime Marketing Experts, where I help startup companies and professionals build their digital marketing presence and Brand Strategy. Having worked with multiple startups for the last three years I have the unique combination of experience in helping startups develop a strategy towards success alongside helping clients expand their presence online. My areas in marketing include: Social Media, SEO, Paid Search, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Website Development, and Brand Creation. I also advise startups on business development, marketing and tech. Some startups that I’ve helped/currently helping out include: Oigetit Fake News Filter - the world’s first fake news filter helping users to eliminate the time spent reading fake news.I helped expand traffic to their application by 30% through strong social media presence, SEO, and app notifications. Yaza - helped develop their SEO strategy and assembled several high performing content pieces for them. Blismo - a waitlisting application targeted for Barbershops. Currently advising them on product-market fit. World Vegan Travel - a travel package program targeted towards vegans who want personalized vegan tours. Helped create their SEO and content strategy. TeamMateMe - wrote important content pieces for them, expanding their SEO presence. I am currently looking for startups that are in need of marketing and branding help. My criteria for startups are that: - They have achieved product-market fit. - They are looking to grow. - They have enough funding to afford marketing help. - They fall into these industries: Real Estate, Technology, Food/Drink, Entertainment/Media(books, podcasts, movies, music, TV/web shows, videos), Transportation, Hospitality. Call/text me at (408)-761-4852 or send an email at [email protected]




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