I am the founder of BellaSquared Holdings, a company that offers innovative solutions for design, marketing, and AI automation. I am also the creator of Croeluxx.com, a platform that automates the entire sales cycle for businesses with our AI sales system and virtual meeting avatars. In addition, I run GIC (Global Inbound Closers), a service that connects businesses with pre-vetted and qualified sales professionals. I am also a recent cancer survivor of stage 4 thymoma cancer and stage 2 ovarian cancer. I have overcome many challenges and obstacles in my life and I want to inspire others to do the same. I am an aspiring motivator and speaker who will be sharing my story and insights with audiences around the world. My current focus is on building and scaling Croeluxx.com, a revolutionary tool that helps businesses solve the sales problem they face. Croeluxx.com uses artificial intelligence to analyze the target market and create personalized and engaging sales messages for each prospect. It also uses virtual meeting avatars to schedule and conduct online meetings with the prospects and present the offer and closing the sale. Croeluxx.com tracks and optimizes the sales process and sends reports and feedback on the performance. With Croeluxx.com, businesses can save up to 80% on sales costs and increase their profit margin. They can also access a team of expert and reliable sales professionals who work for them 24/7. They can scale their sales operations without any hassle or risk. They can close more deals and grow their business faster and easier.


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