I am Glenn McCutchen, a husband, father, former Volunteer firefighter, mechanic, tow operator, construction company owner, and much more! Currently, I am working in the Construction & Facility Maintenance Field while attempting to build a small business for my family to grow. I write short articles on various subjects including mental health awareness. I dabble a little in video editing and coding for personal projects in the Raspberry Pi realm. Our family business consists of McCutchen Enterprises, LLC and North Pond Services LLC, which is based in Central Texas. We started as a custom products e-commerce company geared more towards the Emergency Responder community. We started with this target group due to my wife and I have both been a part of the Emergency Responder community for almost a decade. Recently, we pulled away from the online sales due to the market being so saturated it just wasn"t feasible anymore. We do still maintain one online market, but for the most part, we closed down the online side of our businesses. I am still looking for a business plan that works for me and my family, I just haven"t found the right one yet. I have owned and managed three businesses successfully in the past, so I know what it takes. I just have to find the right fit for our world, not the fit for the rest of the world. Thank you for taking the time to read this far, and I look forward to connecting with others.


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