Tarlon Khoubyari is a passionate storyteller and a STEM education advocate. As a proud woman in STEM, it"s always been a huge passion of hers to bridge the gap between technology + industries that people actively care about through compelling storytelling, branding, and marketing. Her efforts have led her to grow Boss Business Market 💻, a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in brand development and social media strategy. She has trained and onboarded over 30 global contractors to support clients from a range of industries such as news + media, politics, and multi-million dollar tech companies. As she supports clients and their efforts on the digital landscape, Tarlon also serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of Beyond, an ed-tech platform that matches student interests with potential tech careers. Through gamification, mentorship, and prizes students are one tap away from seeing themselves in the products they love to use ❤️ Tarlon is committed to helping brands and organizations reach their audience through thoughtful storytelling and real impact. She hopes to empower the next generation of leaders to pursue careers in technology.




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