Founder & CEO MUUVGRUPP | Startup Advisor | 🏆 7 marathons, 7 continents, 7 days | Chicago Booth MBA | ex Wall Street M&A & CFO/COO Exec CPG | Mom of 4 🖤 “Diversity drives results, if you don’t have diverse points of view around the table, you’ll miss out on superior results #MetricsMatter” Laura Frank Barnard ——— 📈EXPERIENCE & RESULTS📈——— 📈💹 CFO & COO & M&A Exec in 3 CPG companies in North America with plants in the USA and NE Asia. Most notable as CFO & co-owner Halperns’ Steak & Seafood scaling from $10 mil to $450 mil in 8 years and multiple 9 digit exit to Gordon Foodservice 📊💰Founder MUUVGRUPP We connect undercapatalized IMPACTech founders with powerful partnerships ensuring access to capital, knowledge, experience to scale profitably. Website: MUUVGRUPP.com & LetsMUUV.club 🏍🏃‍♀️Multi time Self Funded 7 digit Founder addressing the global inactivity crises with mission to make active living fun across the generations including; MuuvBikes an ArteBike rental platform for Burning Man & LetsMUUV a failed social networking app to curate friendships and workout buddies ——— 🎙️SOCIAL AUDIO & PODCAST 🎙️——— 🎙🎬 Founder 24.7SM Audio & Studio Network & LetsMUUV Together 🎙️♟️Co Founder Strategic Mindset community with Edna Bibb 🎙️👋 The Pitch Club, Sustainability Leadership, & support many more clubs ♣️ & houses 🏡 & communities as Beta Tester across Social Audio Platforms: 🔥 Fireside Chat 🍁 Twitter Spaces 🙌 LinkedIn Audio 🎵 Spotify Live 🗣 Wisdom. 🦉 OWWLL 🔗 ConnectLink ♣️ Connect.club ———————🎓EDUCATION🎓——————— Chicago Booth School MBA, Finance & Marketing UGA Terry Business School BBA, Finance & IT ———📲CONTACTS & SOCIAL MEDIA📲——— https://www.linkedin.com/in/laura-frank-barnard ☎️ 1-404-983-0479 Instagram: @muuvbikes TikTok: @muuvbikes & @thebikelady Twitter: @letsmuuv & @muuvadventures YouTube: MuuvBikes Numbers for Data Analytics: 96543 59094 Twitter Instagram TikTok ⬇️ ⬇️ ➡️@thebikelady


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