Estefania is a Colombian Fashion & Textile Designer working out of Chicago. Her creative experience consists of textile design, product development, digital art, print, and immersive spaces. She is the founder and designer of The MŌS brand -A lifestyle, tailoring, and fashion brand that inspires personalized and conscious consumption, where the in-house made and custom-made prints have become a signature of the brand. Her primary goal is to create pieces with intentionality, flair, and passion that connects, embrace and inspire one another. Estefania is currently building spaces in Web 3 and its infinite possibilities to continue growing and exploring the potential in the fashion industry by merging Technology with Fashion Design- Fashion, Technology, and Sustainability and to create bridges in the real and digital worlds to enhance the experience of both. Estefania is an advocate for Social Responsibility and strongly believes in the importance of education, women empowerment, cultural diversity, and the preservation of the finest craftsmanship.


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