Hi, I"m Marlene. With my company (Kaiehuset.no) I teach people through courses/practical guidance and educational PDFs to function independently in daily life, with the computer, personally and socially. Both privately, at work and in their own company. Here in Scandinavia this is a cultural change. But this is important for the people and the country, for a good, safe and happy future. Unlike other educational organizations, I work 1-1 or in small groups (max 4 people) and per hour, adapted to what you need. People are completely free to choose if and when they want the next meeting. Some people want a few hours a week. Or once a week. Others occasionally. For some, one meeting is enough, others keep coming back for more. Sometimes several months/years. I work almost always online via video call (unless the person lives nearby). So it is very flexible and the content is a little different for everyone. Not a standard course for a large group at the same time. With one I start at the beginning, the other already knows something and then we continue from there. We skip what you already know and pay extra attention to what you need or find difficult. You don"t have to learn "my" ways, but we will investigate which way is best for you. Basic computerskills: F.ex: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internett/websites/apps, Windows, Cleaning up/archiving files, accounting programs, tasks/agenda programs, creating websites with websitebuilder, etc. Personal and social skills: F.ex: Giving and receiving feedback, talking about feelings and opinions, Creating/planning tasks structuring, prioritizing and staying flexible. How to solve problems, friendship, communication, Making good choices, working together, contact with other people, changing your behavior, having and taking responsibility etc. I like to be behind the scenes and supportive, but secretly I am actually a leader who leads by example and inspires, motivates and challenges others to work on themselves, a better life, better behavior/work, and so actually on a better future for all of us. If you have any questions or are interested in a course/practical guidance/video call, feel free to contact me via the inbox here or via email. On the website there is a "kilder" (Sources) page, with a list of useful websites, computer programs, apps, videos, etc on all the topics I work with. Buy me a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/kaiehuset




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