I"m a Customer Centric Product Manager with experience working cross-functionally with business roles (e.g. Marketing, Sales), technical roles (e.g. Backend and front-end engineers) as well as designers and UX researchers to bring products to life that make our users" problems and pain-points go away. I have experience working with Web and Mobile products, Fintech, APIs. As a product manager I have to wear different hats every day, more like a Utility Player and I excel at working cross-functionally. My experience and feedback has taught me that I bring value to the teams I work with because: - I"m passionate about understanding customers, I am customer centric , this puts me in the shoes of customers. By doing so I understand their pain points and provide solutions with strong value proposition. - I believe in continuous fluency of communication, I regard this as a top-most trait that a PM should possess in working cross-functionally - Continuous communication is one of the key factors for the success of any agile software development. - I"m the calm one. I"m the one that plans - not spontaneous ! I also work as a servant leader ( scrum master) with the development team to facilitate and ensure that agile methodology by scrum framework events and principles are met during all phases of the software product lifecycle. I can be reached via email for further engagement at [email protected] Specialties: Product Management,Cross-functional work, Agile development, Product design, Go-to-Market Launch Plan, Mobile Analytics, Credit Score.


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