⚡️ - Founder & CEO at Cosmic - My focus at Cosmic is to create digital IP and utility through NFT’s on the blockchain. As a gamer myself, I have spent thousands on in-game items and our focus at Cosmic is to allow gamers to own digital items while simultaneously collecting with friends. 📱- Co-Founder at Rapid - Rapid is focused on connecting creators and brands together to create more efficient and scalable partnerships. Rapid will combine the core aspects of Tech & Media to help creators express their vision and align those visions with brands who are trying to tell similar stories. 💻 - Co-Founder at Xerses - Xerses is a brand-building agency that we created in late 2020, we partnered with creators to help them build their DTC E-Commerce brands, allowing them to connect directly with their audience. Xerses also creates social media campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. We have worked with Vogue, Pinterest, Hollywood Unlocked, Wooga, FashionNova, Shein, and more. Skills 📞- Sales - I have skills in Sales, while working as a Sales Manager I developed skills in cold calling and closing clients on the phone. 💰- Facebook Ads - I’ve run Facebook Ads for several big brands. I created, strategised and executed the Facebook Ads strategy and used this method to help scale brands. We have spent over $1 million on Facebook for our respective clients. 📈- Digital Marketing - With our work at Xerses we have developed and executed digital marketing strategies at the highest level. Working on all social media fronts. We have run Influencer Marketing, Affiliate, Paid Media Ads and Social Media Marketing campaigns. 👨🏽‍💻- Software Engineer - I taught myself how to code along the way to help build websites for clients. I have a good understanding with HTML & CSS and I’m currently expanding my skills in React, JavaScript and Blockchain Development. Hobbies ⚽️ - I’m a huge football fan, I’ve supported Arsenal Football Club for as-long as I can remember. 🎵 - I love music. It’s one of my favourite activities, sometimes I love going on walks to clear my head just to listen to music. My favourite genre is Hip-Hop but I’m open minded when it comes to music. I’ve dabbled with Rock and Pop.





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