I put great value in relationships and maintaining them. Privately, I maintain my network through a shared passion for travel, food and cooking. Professionally, I match greatly with interests such as technology and luxury but I'm definitely not limited to it. I love to learn new things and listen to people speak about what they are interested in. In most recent years I have acquired a great skill of international travel and adapting to different cultures. I learn quickly about habits in a professional matter. Being at home in many industries I can detect problems and present solutions quickly thanks to a vast network. If you have any questions or you want to develop our business in the USA or somewhere else, I am a specialist in this field and thanks to a great network, I can assist any company with starting up, recruitment, and more.


Business ProfessionalAspiring EntrepreneurConsultant



Looking For

Get a job, gig, or internshipMeet new peopleBuild a community