I am on a mission to design Mobile Smart Cities by creating interconnectivity from stadiums🏟 to your everyday connected user at home. This mission for the ultimate on-demand mobile experience will impact where you live, work, shop, and play. My Motto: iDeas + UI + AI + Commonsense = Scale.💎 I design, develop, and create growing environments, communities, and applications that keep people interconnected through their own consumer experience. I build models that lead to revenue and generate better UX design than previously imagined. I solve traffic flows and their media bottlenecks, develop new traffic patterns for brands, companies, and individuals, and make the customer journey their mission statement. I am a conscious, community first mindset, passionate about people, supporting cultural diversity in the world and speaking to those who want to change the world with their ideas. JOIN MY GrowVenue Marketplace:👉🏽https://www.growvenue.co/partners👈🏽 💥I speak marketing( leads, solutions, strategy, and content) for Nonprofits, all Professional Services, Startups, Kidpreneurs & Mompreneurs. I also am an evangelist for podcasting for professionals. Connect with me here:👉🏽https://www.growvenue.co/our-services👈🏽 I believe in utilizing Social Media Channels to create a balance between traditional marketing & a fluid Digital Marketing Strategy(DMS). The process of developing the right social media programs will help you generate leads & understand the return of relationships. Get more info: 👉🏽https://www.growvenue.co/portfolio👈🏽 My overall passion and focus are building and creating opportunities for small businesses that bring awareness to how to best convey their message to their customers through supporting their growth. My purpose is to bring a sound foundation to all industries on the best practices of social media from small businesses to large corporations. Connect with me for insight, to learn about social media courses designed for you, or to develop a social media strategy. Schedule a Free Consultation so I can show you how to Recharge your business: 👉🏽https://calendly.com/grow-ventures-inc 👈🏽 Twitter: @ToddSocial


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