Providing a unique blend of artistic and analytical perspectives, I am an engineer, inventor, designer and consultant. My birth surname is Lombardino, of Italian descent from Sicily, but I sometimes go by the name of my alter ego, Tommy Stark. This is due in equal parts to the fact that I look a lot like Mr. Tony Stark, aka, Ironman, aka RDJ. And like Tony, I"m a engineer/inventor that likes to create nifty things and drive fast cars in my spare time. Thankfully, being a partner in a car dealership allows me to indulge in my interest in cars, both fast and slow alike! While I don"t want this to appear like a resume, please allow me to highlight some of my diverse proficiencies and experiences so that I can be of assistance to anyone in the group if needed. •Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. •Goal and deadline orientated Manager with strong leadership, team building, organization, strategic planning, conflict resolution and decision making abilities. •A strong sales manager and sales trainer. •An applied background in product design and development including ideation, engineering drawing, prototyping, testing and commercialization. •Highly proficient writer, especially pertaining to business and marketing related materials. •Experience with the preparation of long term financial forecasts. •Extensive experience interviewing, hiring and training of employees, especially within the sales division. •Designed, developed, patented and commercialized and licensed several footwear concepts. •Business plan writing including financial statement forecasts. •Experience raising capital through Private Equity, SBA and Banks. •Trade show planning and coordination. •Experienced with licensing and the drafting of general business agreements. •Experienced in patent, trademark law and general business law. •Experience dealing with overseas factories. Please connect with me: Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tommystark-sales-and-marketing-guru/ Instagram: @mr.tommy.stark




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