Hi 🙋🏽‍♂️ I’m TJ ( Tony junior rose ) 🌹 Founder of iRate barbers I’m currently In the process of transforming my startup company into a Web 3.0 Dapp! The main reason i started iRate barbers is to help barbers earn better income while also giving customers a more convenient experience. we are trying to solve this problem with our new app for mobile barbers (we are like Uber eats but for barbers) where barbers can earn 40% more then in a traditional barbershop per haircut and customers can easily book a mobile barber to them for the ultimate convenience. I also built a mobile barbershop in the back of a van to start franchising out so barbers can not only earn 90% per haircut but also own the shop they work in when they upgrade from their cars. providing barbers with a great career path. And now with Web 3.0 barbers and customers and anyone else will be able to own the platform itself too (iRate barbers app). If you would like to help me on this journey reach out would love to chat My key interest are -Web 3 -Dapps -Content creation -Video editing -photography -graphic design -website/app ux/ui design -Crypto education -Meeting like minded people -Business development


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