✍🏻 Your guide to launching your crypto and financial business ✍🏻 🀟🏼 Hey everyone! I represent the great company Hawex Group LTD. Our offerings: πŸ’΅ Opening bank accounts in the UK πŸ•Έ Internet acquiring in over 180+ countries πŸ” Crypto processing at the lowest rates in the world πŸ“Š SaaS crypto exchange - maximum functionality, there are all possible tools 🏦 Banking-as-a-Service - CeDeFi mobile banking, with support for issuing cryptocurrencies worldwide - become a banker in an instant. 🎀 We are constantly speaking at conferences, standing with booths, and I think we will see you more than once. πŸš€ If you want to get a quote for your request - DM me!


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