Hello, I" Hey there! I"m Uzma Begum, a seasoned pro with over 3 years in data management, customer engagement, and analytical problem-solving. With a Master"s in Science from Osmania University, I"ve rocked roles in e-learning and E-commerce, showcasing skills in data analysis, Google Workspace, Excel, and CRM. In my journey as a Customer Success Manager at Excel Design Technology, I drove adoption and ensured seamless implementations. At Ohana Academy, I led support operations for 20,000+ accounts, scoring an 80% sales increase. Now, let"s talk business! Unlock success with us – we"re your one-stop-shop for virtual assistance, website building, creative content, and strategic marketing solutions. Together, let"s craft a success story! 🚀💼 #BusinessBrilliance #TeamSuccess


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