The name Waxdale literally means Silicon Valley, Wax is synonym for Silicone and Dale is synonym for Valley. A few years ago I became very interested in Silicon Valley and why this small region in this enormous state of California was creating so much value for the United States and the world. I wanted to see if I could box Silicon Valley"s secret sauce into a business that I could take all over the world to shore up global startup ecosystems. I wanted to get rid of some of Silicon Valley"s biases and I created the concept of an Ecosystem as as Service that could provide services, tools, and resources to entrepreneurs throughout the startup lifecycle. I"m a systems thinker and I believed then and now that a great business is engineered. A great business system cannot be too complex, it needs the right components and they must work together. A great business system needs to operate dynamically and has to be robust to ensure resiliency. A robust business system is more predictable and therefore, less complex, than one which is not as robust. A great business system has the right ratio of sentients element to non sentient elements. This systems thinker talk is great, but to be successful in business you must be in business. Therefore, a great entrepreneur is consistent and committed to never give up because success is inevitable. Book a call with me so we can discuss our services: https://calendly.com/jean-agenor/join-entre-x-waxdale-service-review





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